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Community Focused

Tri-Trox SCUBA is unique because all profits and more go to community focused projects.

Tri-Trox has raised $5,000 for Project New Life which is a community center called The Table run by Life Song United Methodist Church in East Orlando, FL.

Starting 2021, Tri-Trox’s Focus will shifted to Raise money for Florida Recovery Schools of Central Florida.



All Classes are fully inclusive of all :

  • SCUBA Gear –
    • Tank – Base on person 50 CFT AL, 80 CFT AL, LP 85 CFT Faber Steel, or LP 108 Faber Steel
    • Regulator
      • TUSA – RS-790
      • Octo
      • Gauge – w/ Tusa Element Computer & SPG
    • BCD
      • Sub Gravity Paragon w/ Paragon 30 Wing
    • Basic Gear
      • Booties & Fins
      • Mask & Snorkel
      • Weight Belt w/ Weights
    • Educational Materials – Computer Based Learning
    • All Site Entrance Fees

**Only item not included is Wetsuit however if we have one that fits…it is yours for the class!

Classes with TRI-TROX SCUBA

Tri-Trox SCUBA is a Small SCUBA organization and Classes are limited to a max of 6 Persons.  We can adjust if needed. 

All Class Scheduling will be done over the Phone, Email, or in Person.


Price is broken down into 2 categories

Community Focused = Amount TRI-TROX SCUBA Donates of this purchase

Budget Friendly = Total Price (includes Community Focused Portion) 



Community Focused Budget Friendly
$10 FREE

Recommended $10 donation for Project New Life

Not sure if SCUBA is for you?

​Contact us and we can set up a session most likely during one of our SCUBA Diver Course’s Pool Sessions.

​This will consist of:

  • Brief Class Room Lecture
  • Exam

Prerequisites – None

Book Class

SCUBA Refresher

Community Focused Budget Friendly
$25 $75 / Day

This will put you in the pool as if you were a student again and/or take you on dives with the class.

​Join us for ​any in person Classroom session for Free.

***Note: Some Dive Sites will Cost more…ask for Details

Prerequisites – SCUBA Diver Course

Book Class

SCUBA Diver Course

Community Focused Budget Friendly
$100 $350

Full SCUBA Certification

This will give you a Life Time SCUBA Certification from NAUI recognized World Wide.

Full Certifications are available from Ages 15 and up. Junior Certs are available from 10 to 14 year old.

Scuba Diver Course (SDC)

  • Academics
    • SDC 1.1 – Online Computer Based Training
    • SDC 1.2 –  In Person Class
  • Water Portion
    • SDC 1.3 – Confined Water Session (Pool or Confined Water)
    • SDC 2.1Open Water Diving
    • SDC 2.2 – Open Water Diving

Prerequisites – None

Book Class

NiTrox Class

Community Focused Budget Friendly
$25 $90

NiTrox Class AKA Enriched Air Nitrox (EAN)

– SCUBA’S most popular specialty course.

​Learn the requirements for Nitrox and extend your bottom times between 60′ and 130′

Nitrox Course (EAN) – In person Class room & Exam

​Prerequisites – SCUBA Diver Course

Book Class

Advanced SCUBA Diver

Community Focused Budget Friendly
$100 $400

The Advanced SCUBA Diver Course (ADV) will expose you to different diving environments.

TRI-TROX SCUBA’s Advanced Course:

  • Computer Based Training
  • Dives
    • 6 Total Dives needed to complete the course / 2 to 3 days of diving
      • Deep Dive – 60′ or more
      • Dark Dive/ Night requiring Lighting
      • Complex Navigation with Compass
      • Search and Recovery using a Reel
      • Lift Bag Buoyancy & Lifting objects
      • Carry a 40 CFT Stage Tank

Prerequisites – SCUBA Diver Course

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