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Our Story

The story of TRI-TROX SCUBA begins with our family! We are unique in that we have experienced extreme joy after life altering losses. We believe it is God’s Plan that we are a family unit and strive to give back. We believe to those that much has been given much is to be expected! Our life altering losses include the death of each of our first spouses. Having gone from a two-parent unit to one when Jeff and Anna met it was instant understanding. Life was turned upside down and we never could have dreamed of the joy that our current reality resembles. Our girls Charlotte age 10 and Jayden age 12 now have a sister to lean on through the ups and downs that life presents. We even have added to our family with our dog whose name is Trox!

​Jeff works full time as a Service Center Manager for a Transportations Company. Anna is the Executive Direct of Florida Recover Schools. Anna is also currently pursuing her master’s degree in Nonprofit Management from the University of Central Florida.

​Our family is financially stable and wanted to give back to our community in a meaningful way. This is when Jeff approached Anna on his idea to teach scuba to give back to the Comminity. After 3 months of nudging Jeff that this was a great idea TRI-TROX SCUBA began the journey that we are on today! We first approached our church family at LifeSong United Methodist Church with our idea and after a thumbs up we moved forward to develop our name and mission statement. If you ask Anna and Jeff, they both had an idea of what the “Tri” in the name represents. Jeff came up with the “Tri” to represent trimix a gas that is used in technical diving and Trox for NiTrox Gas.  Anna pointed out that “Tri” also represents the Trinity-the father, son, and holy spirit! Once the name was confirmed the next step was our mission. During a 7 hour drive the mission statement came together as “Community Focused, Budget Friendly, Scuba”

​Jeff has been a scuba diver for 25+years and Anna is new to this adventure as she was certified in 2016. Realizing that most people cannot justify the $750 expense that was needed for Anna’s certification to make the world of scuba more reasonable for most families. Tri-Trox SCUBA has purchased all the gear needed for the courses. We did not take out a loan but rather utilized cash on hand to reduce the cost for students.

​We do not have a store front and are currently looking for Space to use for Classes.  We have set a lofty goal to raise $2,000 / Year for Florida Recovers Schools of Central Florida.  Currently we have Raised $5,000 for our first charityWe hope you will join our family oriented scuba training and help us give back in a unique way!